The Ritual of the Mask

The Ritual of the Mask


Despite decades of identitarian politics, ever since the pandemic broke the State has had the perfect excuse to legally enforce the wearing of masks. Yes, it is deemed necessary to stem the contagion, but right now, at least in my country, everybody looks as if they’ve joined a fundamentalist religion. The new moral code removes almost all expression, hinders personal communication, and far more.

It’s almost as if we’ve stepped a few back hundred years in time when physical modesty and sexual puritanism was all the rage. Although, I suspect that back then it had a lot more to do with disease and infection than religious piety.

It isn’t the first time a pandemic has ravaged the human race, and a majority were far worse. In the past, the Church would preach religious paranoia and spread panic amongst their flock. Nowadays, things are much the same, except it’s the media in the pulpit raining hellfire on the unbelievers.

The Flagellants


If you’ve ever seen ‘The Seventh Seal‘ by Ingmar Bergman, you might’ve noticed the travelling horde of religious fanatics. Banging drums and whipping themselves, cursing the very day that they were born, the flagellants travelled far across Europe. Their demands for repentance sowed seeds of doubt amongst the populace. The Church’s inability to cure the sick inadvertently converted many of their flock into religious fanatics.

We are punishing ourselves for everything under the sun, the weather, disease, war, pollution, but none of us are pulling the strings, we have no power to change the status quo. The State is the new religion, and everybody must believe, for anyone who dares speak out against its tyranny is cast out by the moral majority.

I have little faith in humanity. It’s fallen to its knees so many times before. So many fear death with all their heart and are ready to comply with anything asked of them to save their hide. If you’ve ever wondered how the hell could a country vote for a dictatorship, well then take a look around you.

Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria

Leon Festinger coined the term ‘cognitive dissonance’ during the Cold War. It refers to the discomfort people feel when two cognitions, or cognition and behaviour, contradict each other.

For instance, the way that we convey meaning and our emphasis in language can make all the difference. Through subliminal implication, the State encourages its citizens to shame and shun those who do not wear masks. To vilify them before the townsfolk of the global village, broadcasting psychological witch burnings for the social collective.

We are in the midst of a worldwide initiation, those who comply fully are not the problem, it’s everybody else dragging their feet, not sure if the State’s telling the truth or lying. Because they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. No matter what the virus is, the masses will never know the full truth, the breakdown of numbers, the big data that so many governments are now clamouring over, hoping for some decent results. Who is susceptible to disease? What about propaganda? How accommodating are the public to the gradual introduction of martial law? Who are the troublemakers, what are their names, where do live, and what do we do next?

Eyes Without a Face

Eyes Without a Face

If you know your history, then you’ll be aware of Ancient Egypt’s fixation with animal-headed gods. Like so many other past cultures, the experts put it down to symbolism, and not a disguise. If it was just fancy dress concocted to impress the slaves, then why bother? They’re already on their knees, apparently in their millions, working 24/7 to build pyramids that surpass all standards of modern engineering.

Masks have an important totemic role, and subliminally suggest something far greater at work than the mere wearer. Biology was a real eyeopener for me at school, yet unlike the other boys, pawing over the anatomical drawings of sexual reproductive organs, I was fascinated by the structure of muscles and tendons just under the skin. I say fascination, but in truth, it was utter revulsion.

It might sound contentious, but on both a psychological and sociological level, not only is beauty skin-deep but so is our humanity. Political pressure groups constantly obsess about colour and cultural appropriation, but the argument they so vehemently propose is less than a few centimetres deep. 

Without the wrapping, we wouldn’t recognise each other, all red and bloody, walking meat baring a persistent grin. So many think of themselves as little more than bodies. Assuming life ends when their physical carriage fails. Except that when we die, our mourning families decide to leap on the existential bandwagon and pronounce that we’ll live on forever.

Hollywood has been predictively programming us for years, with all sorts of fodder to keep us occupied. There are reams of slasher movies out there, all following the same predictable plot. Some masked guy goes crazy, dons a disguise, and then goes on an indiscriminate rampage until he or everybody else dies. You know the form, Jason from Friday the 13th, ‘Leatherface’ from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Michael from Halloween.

Society has been infantilised by trauma-based mind control programming, and we’ve gladly paid for the pleasure. Perhaps it’s because we think that somehow it might immunise us from the terror. But looking around me now, I’m not so sure. It seems that the vast majority of the world’s population wouldn’t dare say boo to a goose.

Comedy and Tragedy

Comedy and Tragedy

Funny thing, the original word for theatre, at least in ancient Greek, is ‘hypocrite.’ Actors and theatre buffs will already know the symbol of the comedy and tragedy masks. The etymology of the term ‘two-faced’ remains unclear, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the theatrical arts inspired it. Much like the word’ glamour,’ which originally referred to the occult magic of enchantment. In other words to ‘bewitch.’

Nowadays, theatre is seen in a very different light, celebrities and actors living hyperreal lives. As if people want to be fooled and avoid the mundane truth of the grim and dour subjugation, we live every day. As long as the story’s entertaining the public are more than willing to believe it

The Pagan Ritual of Transformation

Ritual of Transformation

The pagan ritual of transformation comes in three stages, firstly isolation for the purpose of purification. Isolated from the tribe and all familiar surroundings, the initiate becomes detached and psychologically insular. We are in the midst of an occult ritual transformation of society, every one of us has been initiated, and we are all required to wear masks to indicate our total submission.

We are continuously and subconsciously altered, made instinctively aware of our changing role, our new identity as subordinate, obedient subjects to the new order. It is a psychological sign of consent, a turning away from our past nature, and towards a future within the hive collective. 

Shaming Society

Shaming Society

We’ve all heard of a ‘badge of shame,’ but how about a mask? In the 7th and 18th centuries shame masks and stocks were used to publicly denounce the wayward behaviour of local villagers right across Europe and the New World.

The scold’s bridle was one of the ugliest shame masks of all, completely encasing the head and stifling the mouth with a muzzle. Scold is an old word to describe a gossip or someone of bad temper, in most cases, a woman in her older years. Sometimes the device included an iron curb that rested in the mouth, barbed with spikes should the victim dare speak.

Shame masks came in all shapes and sizes, and so did their wearers’ crimes, including gluttony, lying, cheating and sexual promiscuity. Cow heads indicated indolence, donkeys as fools, and rabbits as eavesdroppers. Some even announced the victim’s arrival, with bells and whistles and all sorts of devices to attract the attention of the crowd.

Public humiliation, it’s a tried and tested method, guaranteed to bring the majority on side. There’s nothing people fear more than being ostracised from their precious collective, or at least most of them. The rest, like myself and many other miscreants, were always troublemakers from the very start. We are independent souls, able to retain our identity outside of the fold.

Long Live the New Flesh

New Flesh

Death masks used to be all the rage, sometimes called burial masks, they were the only method on offer at the time, remember one’s passed loved ones.

I can understand the economics of the situation, to have a cast made instead of a bust, I mean a whole head would be far nicer to remember than a blank and inverted face. But then it hit me, what if people wore them like serial killers sometimes do with their victim’s skin? How screwed up would that be, if we were more than human it’d be practically sacrilegious.

But it’s not, we’re just humans, animals who can talk, and we do what we’re told because we’ve domesticated like cattle. We live in a herd, and we are harvested of our negative emotions, our fear, our shame, and fed lies about identity and individuality and how we’re nothing without the collective. It’s year zero, and the human race are falling for the plot like lemmings.

Unmasking the Truth

Unmasking the Truth

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box, and if you can imagine it, outside of your body too, for your current ideology is only skin deep. Your identity, your personality, everything you thought was you, is a mask. That’s the trick, the corporations are legally defined as living corpses, and they’re rotting everything from the inside, including their loyal following. The only thin that consumers are consuming, is themselves. Eventually, there will be nothing left, some the loss of Self and the shared fate of the unconscious collective.

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