Fishing Chips – the Future of Data Harvesting

Fishing Chips – the Future of Data Harvesting

Fishing Chips

Guess what? All those crazy conspiracy theorists that the mainstream media have pilloried for decades may just be right. The recent super plague ploy like any shadow elite strategy, a cover for a far more vital operation. It’s the old Hegelian DialecticProblem Reaction Solution. First, you introduce the idea, then you feature a major breakthrough, say Elon Musk’s neural-linked pig, and before you know it you’re fitted with a brain implant and the world knows your every thought and desire.

Well, not quite, but the train has definitely left the station, and the first stop is a –

Global Vaccination Program

Global Vaccination

Although there are scientists who take issue with vaccines as a rule, in theory, there’s nothing implicitly wrong with vaccine technology. No, the real problem is how they are stored.

The Mercurial Effect


Ironically the god Mercury was swift of feet and thought, the messenger, the conveyer of new ideas. Still, if someone manages to inject a little in your bloodstream, it’s a whole different story altogether.

Captive State

Captive State

Wherever you go, whatever you do, somebody will be watching you, or rather, something. Ai has made so much possible, although little of it would be of use to the average man or woman on the street. When it comes to the Corporate State, information is everything. The irony is there are most likely millions of people out there in the big bad world who have no idea that they’ve been implanted with an RFID chip.

Mechanical Dreams

Some think transhumanism is like this:

When in fact it’s more like this:

We are quickly losing our humanity, slowly replaced by machines of all kinds. Still, worse than that is the noticeable minority of the world’s population that’s already sold on the idea of transhumanism.

Why ‘upgrading’ humanity is a transhumanist myth by Douglas Rushkoff:

Deep Data Fishing

Data Fishing

Far beyond trends for statistical analysis comes a new and troubling aspect of corporate stalking. Rather than mere CCTV and facial recognition, the problem is the mass surveillance of behaviour studying intent versus action. Take Elon Musk’s pig simple example –

Musk’s Neuralink literally sets the tone for the mass adoption of artificial telepathy. So there goes your privacy, forget Twitter and Facebook, soon enough your most sacred inner thoughts will become public knowledge and forever scrutinised by the State.

This system of State surveillance will be far more sophisticated than any predecessor, and its prime directive is to examine the correlation between instinct and behaviour, both individually and en masse. The control grid is shutting down the last escape routes from global tyranny, so try and enjoy your last few years of freedom whilst you can.

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