After the Lockdown Comes the Shutdown

After the Lockdown Comes the Shutdown

The Shutdown

Take a stroll down any high street and you can’t deny what’s coming around the corner. Many shops remain closed or even empty, at least a quarter of businesses are shutting down for good. The elites are systematically dismantling society, although it’s something I thought they’d have done years ago. However, since the lockdown they’ve had the perfect opportunity for a fire sale, and have begun throwing out the old wood for new.

Fear not, for there’s always Amazon, the greatest retail monopoly in history. As long as the internet keeps going, and everybody has a credit card, the world will carry on as if nothing’s happened. Unfortunately in at least 15 countries, less than 10% of the population has access to the internet, and in another 50 countries connectivity runs at less than 30%.

Back to the Stone Age

Stone Age
But imagine, for whatever reason or excuse, the internet shutdown? What do you think might happen? Will the culturally progressive horde make banners and hold candlelight vigils? After all, they won’t be able to unload their fury on Twitter? I somehow doubt it. It’s more likely that most will try to sit it out until supplies run thin. Soon enough people will crack and then comes the threat of violence and vandalism, thefts from gardens and farms, roaming groups stealing anything that might be edible. On top of that, there will be price gauging at the local stores, for without the watchful eye of the government and the internet they’ll be free to make a mint out of other people’s misery.

Sounds familiar? It should do. There were thousands of reports of similar cases during the lockdown, albeit on a far smaller scale. A few bad apples, a lack of community spirit, whatever the excuses such behaviour was clearly in the minority. Yet, imagine if we all went hungry, what might happen then? We are being conditioned to rely on the internet for everything, and I think it’s pretty obvious where all this is leading.

Despite the anger and frustration, those with steady jobs and families will capitulate to any demands to survive the shutdown. It might last days or weeks or months, for the elites have already run tests in cities around the world. The fact is, due to the uniquely interconnected infrastructure of the internet, you can’t simply pull the plug. Saying that securing access to it is a very different matter, and coverage in areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East are scarce to say the least. Then again, there’s always the mobile internet. Although, even that is still beyond the financial means of the poor in many parts of the world. 

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

Say that there was a worldwide electromagnetic pulse, and one powerful enough to knock most electronics. Even if it was a lie, a spoof, the media could easily spin the story that way, a passing meteor or a disaster at an experimental fusion reactor, geomagnetic anomalies in the troposphere, volcanic activity. You take your pick, they’ve already preprepared the story.

Depending on the location and how long the shutdown lasts, reactions will range from mild panic to civil war. Everything from electricity to water treatment and food distribution relies on smart technologies to keep the system going. Without interconnectivity soon enough, everything will grind to a halt.

Survivors of the Past


If you’ve ever seen the epic and rather dry 1970s tv series ‘Survivors,’ then you’ll know full well how ill-prepared we all are, and how reliant we are on the internet. Back then all we had was tv, radio, and landlines, and a majority were self-sufficient in many aspects of their lives. In the past we could make and mend almost anything, products were built to last, and many had simple skills in gardening and carpentry, mechanics, engineering, dressmaking, preserving foods, and finding clean sources of water.

Last-Minute Rush

Last Minute RushWe suckle at the teat of the State, and we learn everything we know from the internet. When we are cold, we put on the heating. If we are hungry, we order food online. We live in an interconnected world and rely on demand-driven supply networks that should the system fail, would collapse in three days. We live in a last-minute society where vital supplies are transported around the world at the lowest price.

Lost Civilisation

Lost CivilisationBritain was once a strident agricultural country, and during WW2, the public was even encouraged to grow their own food. The so-called underdeveloped nations are well aware of the importance of food supply, and many have suffered numerous bouts of starvation in the past. Yet the West has no idea, they have been pampered and coddled for decades, and few do more than fill their online basket and checkout. Because it’s easy and convenient, it’s supposedly the smart thing to do, and those who retain their cash and buy their food locally are seen as serving an anachronism of the past. 

The Human Herd

On order to round up the stragglers, the elites decided to spoof the world with a killer virus, and one that has a lower mortality count than influenza and pneumonia. The event was only made possible by two factors. Firstly, the internet and mass paranoia. The elites and their underlings in the media have spent years twisting the truth, exaggerating their accomplishments whilst decrying the fascistic modus operandi of their opponents. In reality, those in power, for or against, are all in cahoots. They are playing chess with the future of humanity, and we are all pawns in their game.

Quick Getaway

Quick GetawayWhy on earth would ex-presidents and heads of major corporations decide to purchase great swathes of land in places like Patagonia and Paraguay and construct vast survival bunkers? What do they know that we don’t, and why has the media remained so quiet? I think you already know the answer, for one way or another the shit will hit the fan and every nobody in the world is going to pay a high price for their survival.

Corporate Diversity

Corporate Diversity
Divide and conquer, it’s a simple strategy, but it works. Rather than making the enemy of your enemy your friend, simply aggravate the conflict and wait for the easy pickings. That’s how the corporate world works, ruled by enormous lumbering beasts that devour the remains of fallen financial ventures, reducing competition from a torrent to a trickle. Behind the smokescreen, most corporate branding is a ruse, a distraction from the truth that there are barely a handful of companies in the world that produce and sell everything we need.

Human ISP

I am what some might call a hermit. Although I live with my wife and know a few people in the local neighbourhood, in general, I keep myself to myself. I think it began when everybody started to use smartphones and obsess over social media during real-life conversations. That’s when I knew it was over for me, and now I no longer play a public part in society.

Yet even I cannot avoid close contact with people from time-to-time, including, of all people, a local plumber named Rod. I let a few things slip, an idea or two about the current situation. When I tried to brush it off, he sat down and stopped working and demanded that I tell him more. Which I did, for over three hours, and by the end of the conversation he told me had shivers, it was like a drug hearing the whole truth for a change.

I’m not the best candidate to represent the Human Internet. I understand too much to ultimately make a difference to this world of strangers. But you can, for you are a social node, a potential community leader of a hub of conscious beings with an eye for the extraordinary. Choose your friends wisely, seek out the open-minded and philosophical at heart, and slowly reveal what you know and let them do the same. That’s all you need to do to save the world, you and another billion lost souls.

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